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  1. Select your favorite photo for us to print.
  2. Choose the text for the poster (1-3 sentences) that our friends will read. These lines will be displayed on the poster and spoken by us.
  3. Include your preferred song; you can also specify the starting point, for example: "Happy Song (0:15)."
  4. If you have any special requests (e.g., wearing a specific shirt), feel free to mention it in the "Text on Poster" field.
  5. Once the video is created, it will be delivered via email within 1 to 3 days. Please also check your spam inbox for delivery.

Please allow 1-3 days for the delivery of your order.

In case of a high order volume, we kindly ask for your patience as there might be slight delays.

We have a daily capacity for a specific number of orders, so we recommend waiting a few days before reaching out to us if you have any concerns.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, we can create videos for various occasions such as Graduation, Promotion, Mother's Day, Christmas, and more.

Why choosing DanceGreetings?

We always strive to give our customers the best experience. Our teams will do everything to make your gift a hit. 🎉

Let our Customers speak for us!


1. Choose your favourite Photo, so we can print them out.

2. Choose your text on the poster (1-3 sentences) that our friends will say. These sentences are written on the poster and will be spoken by us.

3. Add your favourite Song to it, you can also choose the second to start for example: Happy Song (0:15)

5. If you have any special wishes (putting on Shirt etc.), feel free to add this on the “Text on Poster” field.

4. When the video is made, it will be delivered by email within 1 to 3 Days (African Team 1-2 Days) . Please also keep an eye on your spam inbox.

Add this to the field “WIshing Song” : (0:30)"Pharrell Williams - Happy"Or the Youtube Link

No, we can make videos for every occasion like Graduation, Promotion, Mothers Day, Christmas etc.

We need 1-2 Days to deliver the order, if the order volume is high please be patient it may get delayed for a few days. We can only do a specific number of orders per day. So please wait a few days before you message us.

In that case we will prioritise your order and do that before the other ones, in that case it should be done after 1-2 days. Please bear with us since we do all videos one by one. Please note, that on the day you ordered does not count as day one!

If you ordered Next Day Delivery with the African Team we can guarantee you a Delivery on the Next Day.

Your Video will sent by E-mail with HD Quality, please make sure to check your Spam folder as well.

One video will last 40-60 seconds, it depends on the text you enter. Edits will be shorter since the video will be cut.

No! We only share videos when you allow us, by clicking “Permission to post on TikTok”

Yes! We are working together and are Partners. They are getting paid well for every single Video.

We send out ALL orders in time, some of the E-mails may land in SPAM, please also take a look at it. If you still can't find it, feel free to message us and we will send you that one more time :)

Welcome to our behind the scenes page, where we invite you to take a peek at what goes on behind the curtain of our shop. At DanceGreetings, we believe in transparency and openness, and we want to share with you the inner workings of the videos. 

Please note, that you can not compare the harsh life & job situation in Africa or in Asia to the Live and Jobs in the USA or Europe! 

It is always easy to talk from a wealthy country, but please do not spread hate or racism towards us. Not everyone who is from a third world country is getting exploited. 

If you are really against exploitation, please stop buying the big brands who are causing big damages..


"Teaming Up DanceGreetings has been a game-changer for us. It's given us more than just money - it's given us hope and a sense of purpose.

We used to struggle to make ends meet, but now we can earn way more than we ever thought possible. Instead of working in low wage and manufacturers, we were able to do a fun job to make people happy. 

It's allowed us to invest in our dreams and provide for our families in ways we never thought we could. We feel grateful and proud to be a part of this business and to have the opportunity to make a better life for ourselves and our loved ones."

Thank you for being part of it!



"It's important to us that not only our customers are satisfied but also the producers in Bangladesh are treated fairly. A significant portion of the revenue from your greeting video goes directly to the six individuals in Bangladesh who are involved in its production. This way, they can support themselves, their families and the village in Gattia Bangladesh. We're proud to work with Mustafizur which is experienced for several years and his team, who have realized their dream of specializing in personalized greeting video production and work tirelessly to meet your requirements every day. We place a strong emphasis on high-quality and fast processing to deliver your personalized greeting video to you as quickly as possible, providing you with a fantastic experience."


With the help of yours and all the hard work, we were able to build houses in Ashik's village.

Thank you!
Mustafizur aka Ashik.

Update 10th January

Another Big Food Donation was done to the Community with all products in need. Thank you.

Update 18th October

With the assistance of all our supporters, we have been able to procure additional essential food supplies for the Wolf Team village. The residents are immensely grateful and are at a loss for words to express their appreciation.We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters. You are simply the best.

Update 15th September

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible community that has stood by us on our journey of supporting the charity organization BBOR in Zambia. Over the past several months, your unwavering support and generosity have made a significant difference. This month, through your contributions, we were able to provide essential nutrition supplies to help address their current shortage. Your compassion and willingness to make a positive impact on the lives of others have made this possible. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful endeavor. Together, we are creating a brighter future for those in need. We will continuously check what they need and have shortage with and help out. Thank you DanceGreetings community to make it possible! 

Update 1st September

Our hearts overflow with gratitude towards each and every one of you. It is your unwavering support that has enabled us to extend a lifeline to the Wolf Teams village, a place that exists on the very edge of hope. With your incredible help, we have managed to acquire 100 sacks, each weighing 25 kilograms, of nourishing wheat for the village.

This simple act of generosity is nothing short of a miracle for them. Located more than 500 kilometers away from the nearest city, this remote village often finds itself isolated from the rest of the world. Your compassion has not only provided sustenance but also renewed their faith in humanity. The warmth of your kindness will be felt for a very long time, just like the sustenance you've delivered to their doorstep. Together, we've made a profound difference in their lives.

Charity Project

Update 2nd August

The organization BBOR reached out to us to support disabled children. This was the message.


Hope and pray you are well. At BBOR orphange we are always in need of volunteers to help keep our project moving forward. A dear friend of mine has years of experience but lacks funding . Kindly share with your good hearted community. I know your the one to sort this out with the will of Allah, God The Most High. Take care and our prayers are always with you."

If you would love to support please visit the links below.

Update 14th June

Words can't express our immense gratitude. With your unwavering support, we made a difference in the lives of 300 children in Zambia. Together, we empowered them through education, shaping their futures and communities. Our donation went to Gemstone Academy, creating lasting impact. Thank you for your invaluable role and belief in our mission. Your generosity has renewed our faith in the power of community. Join us in celebrating this milestone and the ripple of hope we've created. Together, we've shown distance is no barrier to making a profound impact. With boundless gratitude, DanceGreetings and team.

Gemstone Academy and made a wonderful video for us. They are thankful and happy for the support they got. Furthermore they will provide us with updates of the children education process, which will be posted here as well.

Charity Project

If you plan to do donations by your own please feel free to visit:

We are currently contacting and talking to organisations, to make sure the money goes to the right people. More Updates will follow soon!

Update 10th June

Donation was made and well received by Gemstone Academy, which has a great motto "No child left behind". We will post the receipt and other Video material soon here.

Update 5th June

We were in talk with the organisation which is located in Zambia. We are planning a funding to provide an affordable and successful education program for over 300 children. As soon the Donation is placed we will share Photos & Videos on our Website. Thank you all to make it possible. 



Welcome to DanceGreetings!

We are a team of passionate individuals who believe in the power of dance and connection. Our mission is to spread joy and positivity around the world by creating and sharing fun, uplifting videos.

But we don't do it alone. We work directly with teams in third-party countries like Africa and Bangladesh, collaborating with local dancers and performers to create funny content that reflects their culture and traditions. By partnering with these talented individuals, we not only support their livelihoods but also share their unique voices with the world.

We believe in fair payment and sustainable business practices. That's why we maintain close communication with our partners and ensure that they receive a fair share of the profits. By supporting us, you're not only getting access to fun and engaging videos, but you're also helping to support a global community of creators.

Thank you for being a part of our mission to spread joy and positivity around the world. We couldn't do it without you!



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Me gusto mucho el video, la persona a la que se lo hice se empezó a reír mucho y se emocionó además es una amiga que hace streams en twitch y lo vieron todos sus viewers

Jacob Cole

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Absolutely great! They loved it


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