Behind The Scenes

Welcome to our behind the scenes page, where we invite you to take a peek at what goes on behind the curtain of our shop. At DanceGreetings, we believe in transparency and openness, and we want to share with you the inner workings of the videos. 

Please note, that you can not compare the harsh life & job situation in Africa or in Asia to the Live and Jobs in the USA or Europe! 

It is always easy to talk from a wealthy country, but please do not spread hate or racism towards us. Not everyone who is from a third world country is getting exploited. 

If you are really against exploitation, please stop buying the big brands who are causing big damages..


"Teaming Up DanceGreetings has been a game-changer for us. It's given us more than just money - it's given us hope and a sense of purpose.

We used to struggle to make ends meet, but now we can earn way more than we ever thought possible. Instead of working in low wage and manufacturers, we were able to do a fun job to make people happy. 

It's allowed us to invest in our dreams and provide for our families in ways we never thought we could. We feel grateful and proud to be a part of this business and to have the opportunity to make a better life for ourselves and our loved ones."

Thank you for being part of it!



"It's important to us that not only our customers are satisfied but also the producers in Bangladesh are treated fairly. A significant portion of the revenue from your greeting video goes directly to the six individuals in Bangladesh who are involved in its production. This way, they can support themselves, their families and the village in Gattia Bangladesh. We're proud to work with Mustafizur which is experienced for several years and his team, who have realized their dream of specializing in personalized greeting video production and work tirelessly to meet your requirements every day. We place a strong emphasis on high-quality and fast processing to deliver your personalized greeting video to you as quickly as possible, providing you with a fantastic experience."


With the help of yours and all the hard work, we were able to build houses in Ashik's village.

Thank you!
Mustafizur aka Ashik.

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Funny Edit
Brittney Flores
Feliz cumpleaños Marycarmenrr

Me gusto mucho el video, la persona a la que se lo hice se empezó a reír mucho y se emocionó además es una amiga que hace streams en twitch y lo vieron todos sus viewers

Happy bday to chirs

Can you sing happy birthday to chis

Greeting Video from Africa
Top tier talent

The lads are worth every penny. Was done for my mommas birthday and her and everyone around her loved it. Such a good and different way to say happy birthday. Definitely use them again. Thanks again

Greeting from Rasheed Joker
Lisa jayne
Absolutely brilliant

Son loved the greeting. Best thing ever. Will be ordering for other family. Quick to prepare and very reasonably priced

Greetings Video Africa (UNNÖTIG)
Luis Bautista
Awesome birthday gift!

I gifted this to my girlfriend, she absolutely loved the idea and shared with friends and family. Very quick timing, I’ll be using them again in the future.

Greetings Video Africa (UNNÖTIG)
Yarden Lazar
Great gift!

Thank you so much! Grat job, super funny and fast. My mom loved it! 5*

Greeting Video from Bangladesh
Ulrich Perreten

Wir haben so viel Spass gehabt. Vielen Dank. Ein wirklich gelungenes Geschenk.

Greeting from Rasheed Joker
Kelly Angel
Brother loved it!

Amazing! Ordered a video for my brother's 30th and it was finished the next day. My brother absolutely loved it, he was over the moon, his favourite gift. Definitely recommend these guys, such a funny video, full of energy.

Greeting from Rasheed Joker
Lynda Studey

We had a video made by the Rasheed Joker and team for our daughter. It was easily the highlight of her birthday, and everyone just LOVED it!

Satisfied Customer <3

All instructions were followed, this site is legit, product delivered by email, and made a friend have a good laugh on her birthday.

(There are currently lots of scam sites out there, marking this category as "Ukranian Red Rabbit", this site is the legit one, even if those are on top of the search bar, they do not have the option to customize the video, so be wary, this site is where I have my product delivered.)


The girls did a wonderful job of introducing my friends bday with a kiss 💋 and a little cheeky dance! He enjoyed it as much as the thought behind the gift and I hope he sees it every year for years to come! Thanks dance greetings!

Greetings Video Africa (UNNÖTIG)
Ida Palmer

Absolutely legendary!

It was a huuuge hit and so well done.
Thank you so much!

Greeting from Rasheed Joker
Leah Wride
Amazing! Made everyone smile

I'm so happy with my order. I'm glad the money goes to a good cause too! We all had a good laugh

Greetings Video Africa (UNNÖTIG)
Super gift for wedding

Awesome and quick job by all! 5* and a big thank you

Greeting Video from Bangladesh
Stephanie Govier

Bought for my husband's 30th it was so funny suprising him I almost weed myself! Hahaha haha

Greeting Video from Bangladesh
Robert Kenny

Was so well done and got a giggle. Highly recommend

Greeting from Rasheed Joker
Eda Öztürk
We loved it

Thank you guys so much it’s awesome and i really appreciate how fast you were (i got the video next day).
It’ll be a really surprising unforgettable birthday gift ❤️.

Greetings Video Africa (UNNÖTIG)
Best birthday wish money can buy

The team delivered by next day, even though I didn't request such a quick delivery, and it came out just as funny as we hoped!

Thank you team BBC

Greetings Video Africa (UNNÖTIG)
amazing birthday greeting!

we cant stop laughing. thank you for the dance greetng video! ⭐️❤️

Greeting Video from Bangladesh
Kerri Hughes
No words

Except for delightfully perfect! I cannot wait to share the one of a kind birthday wish with my significant other on his special day.

Greeting Video from Bangladesh
Gintare :)
Great gift !!!

Video come really quickly ! Highly recommend! 😊

Greetings Video Africa (UNNÖTIG)
Best Happy Birthday video ever

Thank you for the great video, I can't stop laughing 😂 I give you 5 ⭐️'s. My friend simi loved it too! ❤️ aaaaand the emoji drawing's 👍🏻 perfection👌🏻🥰

Priority Order
Matt Allen

I found Dance Geeetings online and purchase it for a colleague. The response her and everyone that say the video was amazement and joy. They guys that sang and danced were AMAZING. I will be using this service again.

Greetings Video Africa (UNNÖTIG)
Guzman Edgar
Roham Birthday

My freind loved the video . Thanks

Greeting Video from Bangladesh
Awesome Production!!!

Highly recommend for laughs and giggles.