Earn Money with Your TikTok Videos!

Earn Money with Your TikTok Videos!

Are you skilled in video editing and looking to monetize your talents on TikTok? Join our challenge at DanceGreetings.com and start earning now!

How it works:

  1. Tag DanceGreetings.com on TikTok - Make sure to tag the correct account, as many have similar names!
  2. Use our videos or your own - You can find the videos for editing


    . Ensure there are no watermarks from other brands if you using other videos from the web.
  3. Meet the view requirements:
    • 50,000 Views = $50
    • 100,000 Views = $100
    • 1M Views = $250
  4. Account and View Origin - Your account must be based in the USA and most views should come from the USA. We will check for bought views.

If your videos hit the target views, please send an email to info@dancegreetings.com with your PayPal address, the video link, and proof of your account ownership. We will transfer the money within 48 hours!